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Stone Patch Design #1 – Patch Designs

Stone Patch Design #1 – Patch Designs

How To Stitch Stone Patch Design In Blouses Stitch And Decorate Your Blouse Sleeve With Stone Patches Tailoring Classes From sai fashion trends the video

The importance of a well fitted and beautiful blouse is well known to every woman familiar with sarees. A saree can never look the best unless it is paired with the right blouse. There are several variations in blouse designs and ladies are open to choose any according to their preferences and the type of saree with which they are planning to pair the blouse.

Patch work is a type of handwork where patches of clothes are sewed together for coming up with unique designs. Patch work blouses can be paired up nicely with patch work sarees as well as with other sarees to get the right look. This article will provide you with a list of latest patch work blouse designs to pick from.

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