Salwar Cutting & Sewing

Churidar Salwar, the traditional lower garment of Punjab has become more popular around the globe. The basic pattern is modified, according to fashion, personality and requirement.

Churidar Salwar has gatherings near foot. This is also known as gathering pant. This pant has long thin legs so that you can make gatherings near the foot.

In this video you will learn how to do cutting for Salwaar for theSalwaar Kameez set. A detailed tutorial with step by step instructions to sew Salwar kameez pants to your own measurement. Cutting and stitching of Salwar bottoms that fit you. you just have to keep the pattern on to the fabric and cut it out. Or here I am giving all the details about marking the pants pattern onto the fabric directly and sewing it. If you like other casual pants you may as well checkout the tutorial for pyjama  pants , drawstring lounge pantsand wrap pants ( yoga pants and samurai pants) and Make this is in as many colours and fabrics as you could get your hands on, like I do. A girl needs her pants.

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